PermaLife SportsFill

Perhaps you have heard about or noticed a new synthetic playing field surface now in use by many NFL and NCAA teams.  Whether you have seen this product on television or while watching your child's team at a local school, natural and synthetic fields in-filled with PermaLife SportsFill have become the quality standard for playing surfaces for competitive sports. So, if you're looking for the very best athletic field synthetic playing surface material with a 5 Year Warranty, you've come to the right place. 

And Now A New PermaLife Exclusive!

**Now PermaLife Products come with Microban® antimicrobial protection so there’s no worry about microbes. Microban protection works continuously to inhibit the growth of microbes so PermaLife colored products stay cleaner. Microban protection is added during the manufacturing process to fight the growth of  bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and deterioration of the coating. And because Microban protection is built-in, it won’t wash off or wear away offering an added level of defense that lasts for the life of all PermaLife colored products! ** (Available on or before March 1, 2007)

Why choose PermaLife SportsFill?


In order to understand the PermaLife difference you need to know a little about Cryogenic Crumb Rubber Manufacturing.


Cryogenic Crumb Rubber Manufacturing.

In the early 1990's a new crumb rubber manufacturing process was developed as an alternative to the ambient process. The ambient method with its many regrinding steps drove up costs, increased maintenance requirements and produced, although uniform in size, a product which would differ in quality from processor to processor.   Even each ambient processor's material would differ from week to week as shredder and granulator knives would dull or crack mill rolls would wear.

The alternative was a freezing or cryogenic technology which, in a single processing step, breaks the tire into its component parts of rubber, steel and fiber.  The resulting products were purer and free of contamination from the other components.  This contamination of one component by another is a constant problem with ambient material.  Also, a portion of the rubber output was finer and therefore more valuable than what was available with ambient technology.

The principle used in the technology, is that the rubber will freeze at a higher temperature(-176 degrees F) than the fiber and steel.  The rubber at this temperature becomes brittle and when hit with a hammer mill will shatter into millions of small pieces.  This single step technology required far less processing equipment and consistently produced the same products.  The problem with the early cryogenic technology was that it used high quantities of liquid nitrogen to freeze the tires.  Liquid nitrogen is a by-product of industrial gas companies who make more valuable gases such as oxygen and argon. The cost of the liquid nitrogen offset all of the cost  savings with the single step system. The PermaLife Cryogenic System was a modified technology designed to overcome this problem.

The most innovative market for this new crumb rubber in recent years has been its application as in-fill for newly designed artificial surfaces for playing fields.  Various experiments with crumb rubber have shown that its use in a variety of techniques prolongs the life of the fields under the stress of sports play, reduces the maintenance expenses required to keep fields in good shape, and most importantly reduces the incidence of injury to players on the fields.   In the specific instance of artificial playing fields (first pioneered as "Astroturf" in the 1960's), the use of crumb rubber has restored to the games the feel of natural grass in terms of the grip the players get while running on the fields and the behavior of the baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs as they roll on the surface.

Cryogenic rubber is uniquely suited to this use because of the texture and finish of the surface of the individual crumb pieces.  Because of the way industrial rubber fractures in the industrial mill during a cryogenic process the surfaces of cryogenic crumb particles is relatively smooth and angular allowing pieces to move past each other easily and preventing water from being captured on those surfaces.  This promotes good drainage when the rubber particles are bulked together and prevents clumping of the rubber even under the stress of athletic play.


PermaLife's technology has been leading the way to the development of markets that take advantage of the unique properties of cryogenic crumb.   Now, PermaLife has recently added an additional step in the process creating a crambient material that allows for resizing of the product so you have the benefit of  a cleaner more uniform "in-fill".  This means when you purchase our PermaLife SportsFill, you'll have a uniquely superior product for your sports field project.

 In addition, PermaLife SportsFill is offered in a coated form. This coating not only seals the cryambient granule but, provides a color-fast, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic coating (in a variety of colors) that substantially reduces UV heat absorption from that of traditional black and combination fillers.

Finally, the product is then coated in one of six vibrant colors with a unique polyurethane-based coating, which is non-toxic, color-fast and abrasion-resistant. The product is then packaged and delivered to schools, community playgrounds and residential back-yards, so children can remain safe while at play.