Rock Creek Mulch of Roanoke Virginia now offers PermaLife rubber mulch products that will give you an opportunity  to spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time maintaining it.  It's easy to handle and install with just a standard flat shovel or household garden rake. You would have to apply wood mulch once or twice a  year... EVERY YEAR... to maintain the attractive look of  PermaLife Mulch™.  

As a result,  PermaLife Mulch™ is cost  effective  by the end of your first season of use, allowing you to enjoy savings year after year.  Rubber mulch is also environmentally fri endly, not only because it is 100% recycled rubber, but it  also helps to conserve moisture in the soil around the roots of flowers and shrubs, significantly reducing water use.

PermaLife Mulch Applications

PermaLife Mulch™ is the best investment in ground cover that money can buy. Here are application examples for residential and commercial use:

  • Commercial Landscapes

  • Flower Beds and gardens

  • Residential Landscapes

  • School Landscapes

  • Walkways and Paths

  • Around Trees and shrubs

  • Parking lots and along driveways

  • Golf Courses  & surroundings

Benefits Of PermaLife Rubber Mulch Applications

  • Made from 100% recycled tires

  • Environmentally safe & sensitive (does not consume forest resources)

  • All colors are non-toxic, HAPS-free  & non-staining

  • Exclusive Microban Protection

  • Non-harmful to children, pets or animals

  • Will not attract termites or Insects like other mulches

  • Saves time and money every year by replacing the need for annually mulching

  • Long-lasting, vibrant colors will retain its look year after year

  • Available In Vibrant Colors To Match Your Landscape

  • Heavier and more durable than other mulch materials

  • Will not float away in heavy rain or blow away with the wind

  • Protects against mosquito nesting, rubber mulch remains dry on top

  • Insulates root systems from harsh winter weather

  • Acts as a weed barrier with a 2" or greater application

  • Helps retain vital moisture  in the ground for plants, shrubs and trees

  • Excellent  drainage for use around plants and flowerbeds

  • Colors resist fading, decomposition and leaching